Car Accidents

Mike Amad can help level the playing field with the insurance companies that would never give the victim the full value of their claim without an attorney. A claim may even be possible in a hit and run accident.


Mike Amad knows the special laws and rules that apply when a pedestrian is involved in an accident. The county or city where these accidents occur may also be responsible for the damages.


Even a simple slip or trip and fall can have long-lasting consequences for the injured. Mike Amad knows how to track down the parties responsible for these dangerous conditions and bring the fight to them.


When a person’s death is caused by a wrongful or negligent act, Florida law allows family members to recover from the responsible party. A wrongful death claim can arise out of a death caused by an auto accident, defective product, or medical malpractice. These claims may be brought by a surviving spouse, child, or even parent.


Dog bites are becoming increasingly common in Florida. Dog bites can cause painful and permanent scars, disfigurement, and mental anguish. Mike knows how to track down the assets of the dog’s owner, the owner of the property where the bite took place, and any insurance that might be applicable.

Medical Malpractice

Mike offers you a free, unbiased analysis of the facts and circumstances of your situation. Mike will give you his opinion as to whether or not you have a valid Florida medical malpractice claim. What you chose to do with that knowledge is up to you. There is no obligation.


It is not uncommon for Florida drivers to see semi-trucks speeding down Highway 95 or even on their local streets. Trucking accidents can involve tailgating, rollovers, speeding, distracted or impaired driving, improper vehicle maintenance, unqualified drivers, and many more situations. Claims involving commercial vehicles are complicated.


Injuries from bus accidents can oftentimes be worse than those from a standard car accident. Standing passengers and lack of safety belts can cause terrible injuries. Because many buses are owned and operated by the government, special laws apply to bus accident claims. Claims against Florida cities and counties can be subject to shortened time limits, have caps on damages, and specific notice requirements.


In Florida, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) medical benefits that would be available to someone driving a car, are not available to someone injured while riding a motorcycle. This means that the doctor bills can quickly start to pile up from day one. Mike has experience handling motorcycle accident claims, and knows the special challenges facing motorcycle riders in Florida.


It is no secret that Florida is a hotbed for elder abuse. In fact, Florida Statute 825.102 is a special criminal law designed to protect abuse, neglect, and exploitation of elderly persons and disabled adults. For a civil lawsuit against the people or companies who would commit elder abuse, Florida Statute 415.1111 allows victims to seek damages including attorney fees and punitive damages, which are meant to punish and deter this conduct in the future. Elder abuse can happen anywhere, but many of these claims arise from abuse at nursing homes, hospitals, and healthcare rendered in the home. It is important to contact an attorney immediately if you suspect you or a loved one have been abused by a person or company entrusted with your health and well-being.

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Insurance is a business and the less they pay, the more they profit! They have 358 billion dollars and want more, and more, and more! They love it when injured people try and settle without knowing what is fair.

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Mike Amad works on contingency, which means that if he does not get money for you, you do not pay his attorney fee or costs. Mike has helped hundreds of his clients get the money they deserve for their injuries. As a personal injury attorney, Mike has collected millions of dollars for his clients throughout his career.

Mike helps injury victims with all types of personal damages including the following:

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Lucy F

Google Review

Mike is a wonderful attorney and I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my case. He is very patient, courteous and a trustworthy person. From the beginning, he explained the entire process and as the case progressed provided detailed updates and all the options available. He found the best Chiropractor ever that definitely helped me with my injury. Mike is a very reliable and a stand up professional that always is available. I highly recommend Mike because you can count on him and he provides 110% quality service. Excellent job!!

Sue R

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Mike did a great job for us. I had a tripping accident in a hotel. Even thought the property was to “code”, we received a great settlement. Mike explained everything in detail, answering all of our questions and told us things we didn’t even know to ask. He is professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and was very concerned about us. Even though we were from out of state, he kept in contact with us at every step along the way. Could not have asked for a better outcome. All our thanks Mike!

Debra B

Google Review

Before Mike took on my auto accident case, I was seriously frustrated and had no idea how to sort things out. The insurance companies were giving me a hard time, refusing to cover damages caused by their insured. Then came Mike, and things took a turn for the better. His proactive approach, making calls and sending letters, forced the insurance company finally take us seriously. Mike's legal know-how and keeping me in the loop made a once overwhelming situation more manageable. The relief and gratitude I feel now are thanks to Mike's dedication. I can't recommend The Law Offices of Mike Amad enough if you need a down-to-earth, effective legal ally when things get tough.

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