On May 11th 2024, I had the privilege of participating in the vibrant Haitian Culture Festival held at the Margate Catharine Young Library in Margate, Florida. As both a sponsor and an advocate for cultural diversity, I was thrilled to join in celebrating the rich tapestry of Haitian culture, which included dance, fashion, music, and cuisine.
The festival served as a meaningful platform to raise awareness and support for the ongoing struggles in Haiti, highlighting the importance of community solidarity in times of need. The event was a spectacular display of cultural pride, attended by notable figures such as the talented Haitian-American singer Maestro Jean René Charles. His performance was a highlight of the festival, captivating all who attended with his melodious soulful contributions.

Also in attendance were Dr. Marlene Dubois from Marlene’s Training Center, an institution dedicated to providing career training and job placement in the medical field, community organizer Marie Achille of Power Plus Multi-Services, and radio DJ Nene Digital. It was inspiring to see such influential community leaders come together to support a common cause.

In addition to celebrating Haitian culture, I contributed by sharing my knowledge on a topic that impacts many, regardless of background: what to do after you are injured by someone’s negligence. This talk was part of my ongoing commitment to educate the community on their legal rights, ensuring that everyone has the necessary information to protect themselves and their loved ones in unexpected situations.

Supporting the Haitian Culture Festival not only allowed me to connect with the local Haitian community but also to reinforce the importance of cultural understanding and legal awareness. It was a day of meaningful exchanges and learning, and I am proud to have been a part of such a significant event. As we continue to support each other in our diverse communities, we build stronger, more resilient connections that enrich us all.