Workplace accidents are an unfortunate reality. From the construction sites of Miami to the corporate offices in Boca Raton, workers face potential hazards daily. Personal injury lawyer Mike Amad is dedicated to safeguarding the rights and protections of these workers, ensuring legal recourse in the aftermath of workplace accidents.

Rights and Protections for Workers in South Florida

The laws in Florida provide a robust framework to protect workers in Palm Beach County, Broward County, and beyond. Employees are entitled to a safe working environment, and when accidents occur, they have specific rights to seek compensation. Mike Amad is deeply familiar with these protections and uses his expertise to guide clients through the complexities of workers’ compensation and personal injury law in Florida.  Oftentimes, workers’ compensation claims and third party personal injury claims can operate in concert. 

How to Handle Workplace Accidents Legally

When a workplace accident occurs in Florida, the legal steps taken in the immediate aftermath can be pivotal. Attorney Mike Amad assists clients in:

  • Promptly reporting the incident to the employer
  • Seeking medical attention and documenting injuries
  • Understanding workers’ compensation claims versus personal injury claims
  • Collecting evidence and witness accounts in cases from Jupiter to Miami, and everywhere in between.

Case Studies of Workplace Injury Claims

Mike Amad’s experience with workplace injury claims is extensive. He has represented clients in various industries, navigating claims involving everything from slip and fall accidents in retail environments to construction mishaps. These case studies serve as a testament to Mike’s adept handling of legal strategies tailored to the specifics of each incident and the nuances of Florida law.

As a seasoned personal injury lawyer in South Florida, Mike Amad’s practice is a basis for workers who have faced accidents on the job. His commitment to the rights of workers in Palm Beach County and surrounding areas underscores the importance of competent legal representation in the journey toward justice, compensation and recovery after a workplace accident.